A guide to how we keep your data safe and secure

Akindi takes the security of user data very seriously, and that is why we have put in place exhaustive measures to ensure that storing grades on Akindi is more secure then storing them on any school machine. These are the security steps we take to ensure your data is safe:

  1. Data on Akindi is stored in a RAID1 configuration, which automatically saves all data on dual redundant hard drives for reliability. Akindi also makes a daily back up of all data on a separate onsite server, plus an additional once daily encrypted back up to a remote server.
  2. All of our servers are stored in a multi-zoned, card-based-access data center.
  3. Absolutely no user data is stored on any employee laptops or desktops. In the event of a theft, no user data will be compromised.
  4. All user passwords are encrypted in our database as a non-reversible, salted hash.
  5. All our software is rigorously tested for security holes.
  6. Our log in system prevents brute force attacks by automatically blocking any IP address that attempts too many failed logins in a given period of time. An attacker can only average a maximum of one attempt every 30 seconds which makes it computationally infeasible to randomly guess a reasonably complex password.
  7. User sessions are assigned a 384-bit string which makes randomly guessing a user session computationally infeasible.
  8. is encrypted using a 256-bit HTTPS/SSL key that makes it computationally infeasible for a third party to view web traffic coming to our servers.
  9. Akindi has done the utmost to ensure that our system is secure, but the final level of security relies on the user. All users must choose reasonably complex passwords. Names, phone numbers, and dictionary words are weak password that can easily be guessed; arbitrary mixes of lower case letters, upper case letters, and numbers are much stronger. Users must always log out of their account when they are done. Users must always log out of their account when they are done. Users must never log into a website using their Akindi login information unless the address of the website begins with

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Last updated: June 1, 2020