Reliable online assessment delivery

Create and grade formative and summative multiple-choice assessments in one place.

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“Once again, I’m very impressed with how robust the Akindi platform seems to be — I never worry about losing student work!”

Duke University - Bridgette Hard

Student Dashboard

Monitor student progress throughout an assessment and see key data, such as the number of questions answered and time spent. Better data means better support for academic integrity. The Akindi Dashboard lets instructors deliver tests at set times, create custom accommodations as needed, troubleshoot on the fly, and monitor live student progress.

Advanced Controls

Akindi autosaves and submits student responses, even if you lose internet connection.


Assessment Preview

Ensure assessments appear the way you want them to. Akindi makes one-off student actions, like individual accommodations, easy.

Secure Online Tests

Randomize order, prevent backtracking, and even control the weight of each question.


Hybrid Delivery

Online or in-person, Akindi helps schools meet students where they are.

LMS Integration

Akindi delivers assessments to students through your institution’s LMS

-  One-click sign-on and authentication
-  Automatic course roster synchronization
-  Send grades to LMS gradebook instantly
-  Send feedback reports