"We chose Akindi because it was so much faster, so much easier"

Bob Muenchen | University of Tennessee

Scantron alternative for in person, online, and hybrid courses.

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Bob Muenchen | University of Tennessee

Seamlessly integrates with your LMS

  • One click sign-on and authentication
  • Automatic course roster synchronization
  • Send grades to LMS gradebook instantly

Efficient and accurate at scale




Sheets graded


Hours saved

Deliver assessments online or in person

Maintain Scantron style assessments through online bubble sheet delivery. Depending on course needs, choose to deliver assessments in person, online, or a combination of both.

Akindi is fantastic! It was straightforward to setup and use and it really saved time when it came to entering the grades. Rest assured I will be using Akindi again as often as I can!

Don Barrie
Fanshawe College

Modernize your workflow

Eliminate the risk of proprietary hardware failure and maintenance contracts by using any regular paper and any scanner. Instructors are looking for flexible options that are not constrained by location and Akindi can help you deliver that to them.

Akindi has completely obliterated our #1 ticketing request at the Helpdesk—Scantron scoring. Two years ago, we had over 800+ Scantron tickets each year. We've gotten 2 or 3 calls in the last year about Akindi, and all of them were quickly resolved by Akindi's support team.

David Walton
Information Technology
Biola University

Provide a managed service or self serve option

Enhance your scanning services or alleviate your department from managing Scantron altogether.

I like Akindi because I estimate it saves me about an hour, maybe more, per exam, when it comes to prepping and grading. It really is a great service, and allows the best of using technology when still taking a paper-based exam in an in-person class.

Jed Blanton
Assistant Professor
University of Tennessee

Feel supported along the way

Akindi handles all software training and support tickets so you can spend time on what matters most.

Your license includes

  • 1 on 1 training sessions
  • Chat and email support
  • Group webinars
  • Help Center articles
98% support satisfaction

I like Akindi a lot, and your online help responses have been timely and useful on several occasions that I have made use of them. It's a pleasure to work with apps that are well-supported.

Brad Seebach
Associate Professor
UW La Crosse

Keep your student data safe

Hosted by Google Cloud, Akindi can handle large bandwidth during peak seasons like midterms and finals. Upload and store grades on Akindi with confidence.

Akindi is FERPA/FIPPA compliant.

Trusted by top universities and colleges