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Akindi’s web-based Scantron alternative helps instructors save time. That means more time for great instruction.

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Scantron Alternative
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Customize your scanning set-up

Whether you want to modernize your test scanning service or transition away from it altogether, Akindi works efficiently and effectively in both centralized and self-serve systems.

Convenient and Compatible

From the print shop to the home office, Akindi test sheets work with any scanner.

Increased Ease and Control

Akindi sends automatic notifications once sheets are processed and allows instructors to review and adjust grades before entering them into the LMS.

Transform the way you grade bubble sheets

From LMS integration and custom training to meaningful analytics and feedback on test design, Akindi was built to support instructors and enhance student learning

Custom Training
and Support

A license comes with unlimited expert training and support to manage the service for you and relieve your support desk.

LMS Integration

Save time and peace of mind. Create, deliver and grade tests in one place.

  • Instant Set-Up: Class rosters are automatically synced

  • Flexible Marking Options: Adjust the answer key at any time; the assessment will automatically regrade to reflect any changes made.

Administrator Dashboard

The Akindi dashboard offers a powerful view of usage and account analytics, giving administrators control and visibility.


Reports & Analytics

Akindi uses the KR-20 and discriminatory score to analyze student performance and test reliability.

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No Hidden License Fees

Pay for what you need and nothing more. Akindi’s pricing is transparent and scales
with usage.

Advanced Error Handling

Akindi crops and shares an image of the error so instructores can fix issues and adjust grades as needed. No need to rescan or reprocess results.

No Hardware or Maintenance Fees

Akindi works with any paper and scanner.
No special hardware or maintenance contracts required.


Email Uploading

Upload completed test sheets from your scanner by emailing them to a unique Akindi email

Automatic Sheet Sorting

Each test sheet contains a unique QR code that sorts it based on course, assessment, and instructor. Scan multiple assessments at the same time without any confusion.


Hybrid Delivery

Akindi assessments can be delivered online or in-person. Perfect for hybrid classrooms.